Government reference services

The institutional website of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research

The institutional website of university reform

The institutional website of the Ministry of National Education

The portal allowing all publics to access education services: Education

The website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The legal website. It makes available to the public the essential legislative and regulatory texts.

The portal for access the French administration and administrative information

The website devoted to measures implementing the government’s program for the information society.


The National Office for Information on Education and Occupations develops and disseminates the documentation necessary for information and guidance on training, employment, occupations and their development.

The information and guidance centers set up by the Ministry of National Education to help young people to become informed, orientate themselves and prepare for their integration.

The Youth Information and Documentation Center was created on the initiative of the Ministry of Youth and Sports. It welcomes and informs young people free of charge on all subjects that interest them.

The possibilities of distance education, both correspondence and telematics.


Registrations are made directly with universities. Here is the list of university websites :

The website of the Conférence des grandes écoles 

The website of the conference of university presidents

The list of university institutes of technology

Coming to study in France

The agency for the promotion of the French higher education offer and for the coordination of reception and stay services in France offered to foreign students

The student world

The website of the independent research organization on the living conditions of students in France

Journals of university life

L’Etudiant group website: press, trade fairs, multimedia, publishing.

Going abroad

Server of the European community

Erasmus+ France Agency / Education Training

Video presentation of Erasmus+ program

Tempus project development help server

Data from the University Database for International Cooperation: DeBuCi

"Les Euronautes", the European community of 15-25 year olds :

International relationships

Germany: The German counterpart of CNOUS and CROUS (many twinnings between CROUS and Studenwerke)

Germany: Franco-German Youth Office

United States: National Association of Student Personnal Administrators

Canada: Produced by the Cultural and Scientific Services of the Embassy of France in Canada, a site for Canadian students professionals in the field of Education on French higher education and French-Canadian exchanges