Parcoursup is the national pre-registration platform for the first year of higher education in France.

All high school students, apprentices, students who wish to enroll in the first year of higher education (Bachelors, BTS, DUT, CPGE, engineering schools, nursing schools, institutes of social work, etc.) can and must build a file and make wishes on Parcoursup.

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Mobility grant

The Parcoursup mobility grant is a financial aid of € 500 which encourages geographic mobility of future students.It is reserved for grant holders who have definitively accepted an admission proposal from Parcoursup for a wish made outside their regional education authority of residence.

The “Parcoursup Mobility Grant” campaign will open on July 8. The filing of your request will only be possible after your actual registration in the institution located in another academy than your academy of origin.

The CROUS examines the request taking into account the student's situation and the financial impact that mobility could have (possible move, cost of living and installation costs).
The aid is granted after administrative registration in the applicant's future establishment.

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COVID related Special Grant
loss of job / internship

The Government wished to allocate exceptional aid of € 200 to support students in financial difficulty who have lost their student job or their rewarded internship, due to the Covid19 epidemic. To obtain it, you must justify a paid activity since at least January 1, 2020 and 8 hours per week on average or an unpaid internship of 2 months or more and the interruption of this job / internship in reason for confinement.

The application for submitting requests and supporting documents is now closed.


COVID related Special Grant
For French students from Overseas

The Government wished to allocate exceptional aid of € 200 to support french students from overseas in isolation due to the Covid19 pandemic provided that they can ld justify a presence in mainland France on May 1, 2020.

The application for submitting requests and supporting documents is now closed.

application (DSE)

The grant and / or housing request is made through a single procedure called Student Social File (DSE). Enter your request online from January 15 to May 15.

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application (DSE)

Have you entered your Student Social File (DSE)? At any time you can access your scholarship application and follow its progress..

⚠ To follow your request for accommodation in a Crous residence, log on to

Scholarship simulator

Calculate your scholarship rights and your grade according to income and family expenses: number of brothers and sisters in higher education, distance from place of study and home ...

Master's degree
mobility allowance

The Master’s degree mobility grant is reserved for grant holders who have passed a bachelor’s degree and are registered in a first year of Master’s degree in another regional education authority (different from the one where they obtained their bachelor’s degree).

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In Crous
Halls of residency

Crous offer 174,000 students accommodation across France, ranging from studio apartments to one-bedroom apartments. They are mainly reserved for grant holders for the current academic year but may also be rented out for medium stays or long-term internships.

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Finding your accommodation for Paris-Saclay

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At a
private home

Browse free advertisements for private accommodation (independent or homestays, shared accommodation, rental for hire), published by the Crous on the Lokaviz website.

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Bed & Crous
move / travel

Adapted, equipped and well-located accommodation is offered at attractive costs to students, for a short or medium term stay (one night to a maximum of one month). Whether you are visiting a new city, taking a competitive exam or starting a short internship, discover a new way to find affordable accommodation with Crous !

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your guarantor

Visale is a completely free deposit service for all young people under 30 looking for accommodation in the private sector or in residence halls.Visale is a completely free deposit service for all young people under 30 looking for accommodation in the private sector or in residence halls.

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City ’U allows students to manage their accommodation in a residence hall (online payments of rents or accommodation bookings, downloading Crous certificates for all administrative requests).


Make an appointment
with the Crous

This service allows you to book an appointment for all student life issues (accommodation, assistance and social action, etc.) mainly with Crous services but also with associated educational institutions.

The meeting may take place in the Crous offices, by skype or by phone. The Crous employee has the student's file online to better answer to or guide him.

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a student job

Check out free student job offers (more than 21,000 job offers in 2017) compatible with your studies, adapted to your profile via instant matching on the Jobaviz website

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Pay on campus

Pay contactless on Campus with the Crous online payment system: simple, fast and secure. Checkout is made easier via the mobile app or the student multi-service card

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Find a restaurant
or a residence

Find the closest Resto’U or residences to your place of study: more than 730 Resto’U and 750 residence halls across France.

Culture pass

If you are 18, activate your Culture pass and benefit from a € 500 credit to discover new cultural experiences near you! 

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Student creation

Take part and stand out in your CROUS’ call for proposals! 

Simple, fast
and free barter

Need a new computer? Trendy shelves for your studio apartment? Spanish lessons?

Go to You can barter goods, services or pay with hazelnuts.

Trendy barter, Spend less, enjoy more!

Free news
on smartphone

The mobile kiosk 100% free for students. (Service offered by a Crous partner: KipUp.)


Academic and interprofessional career advice : discover the career paths of more than a million students who share their experiences. (Service offered by a Crous partner: Humanroads.)

  • For students participating in the 1st phase of accommodation allocation with mandatory DSE:
    • The allocation of housing is now complete.
    • If you have received a proposal, you have until July 7 11:59 p.m. to confirm it.
  • For other students (especially international students) who do not meet the requirements for filing an DSE, you will only be able to submit a Housing request from July 9th, during the additional phase.

Each student in initial training in a Higher education institution must pay CVEC to register in his/her institution: the CVEC certificate will be required to finalize your registration.

The acquittal procedure, by payment or by claiming the right to exemption, for registrations for the 2020-2021 academic year, has been possible since May 4, 2020.

As a reminder, it is advisable to proceed with the acknowledgment of CVEC in parallel with the finalization of your registration in an initial training and after having received the admission confirmation from the institution which delivers this training.

You do not have to pay CVEC if you register:

  • training delivered by secondary schools (Lycée) such as BTS
  • in long-life training

We invite you to remain vigilant about your online payments:

  • The CVEC payment is to be made only on the secure platform and by no other way
  • The payment of your booking fees for Crous accommodation is to be made only on the Cité’U secure platform, and by no other way 

If you have already requested a DSE (student social folder) with your old INE, you must add a letter specifying your new INE and attach proof of the latter when sending your DSE.

Your Crous will proceed to amend the identifier in your file.

ONE email address = ONE user (not a family)

NB: this is the reason why certain files from PARCOURSUP cannot be created automatically in MyServices, and you must change the email address in PARCOURSUP to be able to continue your procedures.